weird thinker?

unique thinker

I think differently than most people. I link most things to spacial reasoning. Instead of seeing inside the box, I can tell you the area inside the box and provide a well-thought-out estimate on what’s outside of it. I’m aware that’s weird. Trust me. But it gives me a different view point than most.

This is what I love to do.

my experience

Design (Graphics, Video & Web)

The perfect marriage between art and advertising. Solid graphics work helps your product standout and is the key to successful branding and market longevity.


It's about establishing a perception about your product that is positive, inviting, and memorable.


The words are important. The message should resonate. Strong copywriting opens the door to effective brand imprinting. Want to be memorable? ``Just do it``


The key to success. I help bridge the gap between goals and reality by implementing a detailed schedule for all advertising deployments: WHEN & WHERE.

is that a sombrero?

i focus on..


Working with a team or just a driven leader, I help create a trajectory for the brand and focus the launch of new campaigns around driving your goals.


With a detailed understanding of your goals, I develop copy writing and graphics work around your brand, helping viewers understand and bond with your product's message.

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